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Yeah you've watched a lot of anime, a lot more than anyone who's ever touched a girl has that's for sure, we're the same. The only problem is you haven't seen enough anime and you've got this unending list of shit you gotta watch. Well don't worry, we're the same. One day I will watch Gundam. Lupin III too, and Eureka Seven, and that second season of that one show I watched. Why don't I just watch them right now? Well I've got a date with my girlfriend no attention span and just end up getting pissed off at tripfags on /a/ (or writing stupid shit on a Wikia).

However after countless hours of research gathering and experimentation we've discovered that you're more likely to get on the train, if the train is leaving without you. Stupid analogy aside, we watch anime every day at a set time whether you're there or not. So be there, and you'll end up watching shows you were totally going to eventually you swear.

Interested? Me neither, but just in case check out Today's Show and find out details about what we'll be watching. Want to pitch in some ideas as to what to watch next? You can do so here, but first look through all of our Completed Anime to make sure we haven't already watched it without you. And as a final disclaimer: no, this will not make your backlog any smaller. Larger, probably. So pull up a chair, pour a glass of what-he's-having, and join us in pollishing off our collective backlogs watching anime every night for the forseeable future.

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